Our story began with a dream. A dream to enjoy people’s company, to laugh and share food. We love, love, love cooking, but more so we love feeding everyone!
As any cook knows, the cooking part is a lot of fun, but the real fun starts when you see the faces and enjoyment people feel when they taste your food. Long lost memories return, a place visited, a conversation, people you were with when you first had that particular dish – the taste, sounds, touch, smell, sight… Big emotions and reactions of love and enjoyment are experienced. That moment is what we aim to achieve, every time someone’s lips touch our flavours.
The word ‘antojitos’ mean little craving in Spanish, and since cravings tend to be about food, our shop is called Little Cravings for Latin Food.
We feel enormously honoured to share our journey with you, dear reader. What started as castles in our dreams so many years ago is now bricks and mortar – a solid reality! We look forward to sharing many recipes, many dishes, and much laughter to be had within the walls of our little shop.
We invite you to celebrate with us all the beautiful and diverse foods Latin America has to offer, we pray we do them justice!
We cannot wait to delight you and present to you our very best!
Come over, have something to eat, maybe sing a song (i sure will be singing!) and love life, food with excellent company.
If you have a craving for Latin food, we are here to scratch your itch!